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released June 13, 2015

All songs written and performed by MacKenzie Considine.



all rights reserved


MacKenzie Considine Connecticut

19 year old singer/songwriter from Connecticut

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Track Name: Liquid Love
Take a shot of liquid love, down the bottle, fill me up
Get me wasted off your love tonight
I can feel you in my veins, don't know if you feel the same
You're the only thing I want tonight

You got me high up in the clouds, don't know if I'm coming down
With you everything feels alright
You got me stumbling over you, don't know what I'm gonna do
Hand me another drink I'll be alright

Liquid love
I can't get enough of your liquid love
Pour me another cup of your liquid love
I can't get enough, I can't get enough
I can't get enough of your liquid love

Baby you're my favorite drug, get me high off of your love
You're the only thing I want tonight
Drink up another bottle, let's kick this up for throttle
Get me wasted off your love tonight


Can't be sober when you're around
Party starts when the sun goes down
It's only you and me tonight

Track Name: Green Eyes
I lost myself in bright lights, wide eyes, kissing under street lights
And found myself in your arms

I heard those words you spoke then, you didn't mean them
But I took them straight to my heart

And I wonder if you knew how I felt about you then
Would you do it any different, would you start it all again

And I knew deep down you felt it but you didn't want to say
So you kept your heart on lockdown and then you threw it all away


So why did I try to change your mind
When I knew it was all a lie
So why did you lead me down that road
When I wasn't ready at all

So why did I try to find the truth in your lies
When I know you would never fess up
So why'd you always play the back and forth
Was I never enough? Was I never enough?

I lost myself in green eyes, late nights, but it didn't feel right
but I let you in anyway

I found myself on backstreets, in backseats, you're all around me
You knew just what to say

And I wonder if I knew you weren't in it from the start
Would I do it any different, would I still give you my heart

And I knew that you were bad news but I couldn't turn away
So I gave you my heart because I thought that you would change


It's hard to say how I feel
because I know it was no big deal to you
But that little girl you broke her heart
And I know that was your plan from the start
So how's it feel? How's it feel? How do you feel?
Track Name: Buried Alive
There's a mystery in silence
Nothing to tell you right or wrong
So when you're caught in the crossfire
What you always knew was right all along

And I can't find a way out,
I'm so confused, help me out now
And I'm going under fast now
I'm screaming out, I'm screaming out

It's no surprise, that I'd always be caught in the middle
It's no surprise, that here is where I'd stand
Because I'm so lost, I'm so gone
I'm ten feet under, I'm buried alive

There's never really a way of knowing
What's going to happen to you next
So don't you ever fill up your head
With all that doubt and regret


Take your time, take your time

To realize, realize

It's alright, it's alright

You're just fighting your own mind
Track Name: Time Bomb
I'm a ticking time bomb, walking down the city street
And I might go off on, anyone I meet
So I just need you to diffuse the flame
And I know I'm not, no I'm not the one to blame

I'm armed and dangerous, You're cool and careless
Throwing fuel to the flame
I'm armed and dangerous, You're cool and careless
But this isn't a game

I'm about to blow, yeah you better watch out
Because you know what I'm all about
And it goes like BOOM x30

This countdown's ticking, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
And once it runs out, you know this whole things done
So why don't we just, try to compromise
And we can start to find the truth in all your lies


I'm running out of patience, I'm running out of time
You better hurry up and find the culprit of the crime
I'm running out of patience, I'm running out of time
You better hurry up before I lose my mind

Track Name: Behind The Camera
These flashing lights are blinding baby
Can you see at all?
Yeah they're all watching baby
Waiting for you to fall

Behind the camera
After the show
There's a side to you no one knows

You're hiding out, from all those trying to find you
You're hiding from, all you're not trying to show
I'm breaking down, the walls into your heart
You don't want to show me but I need to know
Baby let it show

I know you want the best for everyone
But you seem to forget about yourself
I hope you know you're everything I need
And I would never want anyone else


Don't ever think you're not good enough for anyone or anything
You are everything and more
Baby I know I know I know how it feels to be your own worst enemy
But I will help you baby let me in

Stop hiding out from all those trying to find you
Stop hiding from all you're not trying to show
I've broken down the walls into your heart
You didn't want to show me but now I know
I love you so
Track Name: Took Over The World
Summer heat, lightning strikes
I could still see your eyes from that night
Everything that we did was so wrong
It was right, that night

And the spark I saw in your eyes
Lit up when you met mine
You said we're on fire tonight
And we won't go down without a fight

We took over the world
You're my king, I'm your girl
I have never felt so alive

We could reach new heights
Together we'll be alright
Won't you take my hand and we fly, tonight

Movin fast, running round
There's no catching our breath, tonight
Break the rules, paint the town
And we'll make up the rest, tonight

Your smile could light up a room
I've seen a million times
And I know that you feel it too
Prove it to me tonight


I'm losing grip on reality
I need to hold onto you and me
Track Name: The Way I Love You
You closed the door right in my face
So suddenly I was locked out of your heaven
I was held in your embrace
Now I'm thinking how can we begin again?
Now I'm standing here wondering how I ended up in your rear view mirror
I've had enough but I'm holding on, yeah I'm holding on to you

Will you ever love me the way I love you?
Will you ever see love the way I do?
Will you ever kiss me the way you used to?
Will you ever feel the same?
Could you ever hold me and say you love me?
Could you ever let me who I wanna be?
Could you ever love me or just set me free?
Could you ever be the same?

You had my heart held in your hands
But you let it slip from underneath you
I thought in time I'd understand
But I see my biggest nightmare has come true
Now I'm standing here wondering how you ended up taking the best of me
I see it now, yeah I see it now, I see what we could be


Baby I will love you endlessly if I could
Yeah I know I shouldn't boy but I would
Track Name: Devil With A Broken Heart
You haunt me and you know exactly what you're doing
You touch me and now it's safe to say our Rome's in ruins
You know just what to say you picked the lines so perfectly
You said you'd fix me but now I'm tearing at the seams

So I can't bare to be with you any longer
Yeah it killed me and it sure didn't make me stronger
So take your misery it doesn't want any company
Cuz baby I love you but I swear to god
That you're the devil with a broken heart

And there's no happy ending between you and me
Because you always were the villain in this story
And I'd still want you with your hands around my neck
Although I wish that they were wrapped in mine instead


So won't you take away the pain you caused
Cuz all you're good for is a broken heart
So wont you run far, far away
Because I couldn't take it if you stayed
Track Name: Paralyzed
I guess I'd never thought you'd stick around
You're used to taking the easy way out
You'd walk away when things get tough
Leaving me behind like a hit and run

Who knew I'd be left here with a ghost
Of the person that I loved the most
And now I'm left here thinking why
I chose to live in a world of lies

So if there's words to say spit them out
Cuz I'm starting to see our time's running out
And I'm so tired

So if you want me know let me know
Cuz if you don't then I'll leave and I'll go
I'm so tired of all you do
And I'm paralyzed by you
(Paralyzed by you)

Your last words are ringing in my ear
The ones that you never wanna hear
“I love you but” and that was enough
To know that I had drained out all our love

Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like
To see myself through your eyes
Am I the same girl when we fell in love
or would I be why you gave it up


If you leave, promise me this is the end
If you try to change your mind, I'll be gone
I'll be long gone

Track Name: Demons
I fight myself daily
My mind is hell, it breaks me
I know this well, I know this well

I'm heaven and earth
Don't know what's worse
Only time will tell, Only time will tell

So why am I running from something I can't explain
And why can't I seem to get out of this maze
My mind is a place I can never seem to escape
And the demons that haunt me they have my face
They have my face

I'm hot and cold
A soul in mortal bones
I'll find a way, I'll find a way

I'm lost inside
A world that I'm trying to find
Could you guide the way, Could you guide the way


So why am I running from something I can't explain
And why can't I seem to get out of this maze
My mind is a place I can never seem to escape
And the demons that haunt me they have my face
They have my face
Track Name: Heartbreaker
You had me at hello and you killed me with goodbye
I watched our love come to life and then I watched it die
Would it be so hard to tell me why you walked away?
Would it be so hard to tell me why you didn't stay?

You're a heartbreaker, a dream crusher
A cold killer, my one and only lover
And you're breaking my heart in two

You're a smooth-talker, a game changer
A devil, and a soon-to-be stranger
And I'm falling for all you do

It's hard to find your guiding light when the guide has left you blind
You went and walked away from me and you left me behind
Would it be so hard to tell me why you walked away?
Would it be so hard to tell me what you didn't say?


It's hard to breathe when you're suffocating me
You're sucking the love from my blood
I've had enough, it gets tougher every day

And it's hard to see when you're blinding me
You make it hard to go on, but I'm getting strong
It's about time I walk away